Ipsy bag August 2015

Hello lovelies,

I got my ipsy bag a couple of days ago but I’ve been really procrastinating. I like and hate my bag this month cause there is products I will use and others I won’t. But it’s okay the bag is cute. So subscribe I love ipsy and I don’t plan on canceling my subscription anytime soon. But I’m going to list the products below. 

Have a beautiful day šŸ’•

So first I got a Trust Fund beauty nail polish in the color Elegantly wasted– I actually love this color but I don’t wear nail polish I usually do gel on my nails but I can definetly use it on my toes.

Next I got an ultra mild face wash for sensitive skin by Lather– okay I won’t use this I don’t have sensitive skin so it wouldn’t do anything for myself but I know someone that would definetly use this.

Next I got a Briogeo Blossom & Bloom ginseng + biotin volumizer– I will so use this cause I love volume in my hair and I can’t wait to try it 

Next I got a Hikari lip gloss in the color merlot- so I put this lipgloss on when I got it and I LOVED the color it’s just so gorgeous and I will put a picture of a swatch down below

Last but not least I got a Starlooks PRO  Luxe Longware Eyeliner Pen- I like it but it comes off very easily and I won’t most likely use this on myself cause I can’t do a wing for the life of me.



Birchbox August 2015

Hello lovelies,

I was really impressed with this months birchbox I loved the design of the box this month. For this blog post I’m going to just put the list of products that they give in the box it’s mostly skin care this month. But I did get a bronzer/blush and I actually really liked it I thought it would be too light for me but it actually wasn’t when I swatched it on my wrist it was a nice brown pink color. But I’m going to continue subscribing and if you’d not subscribed to birchbox I think you should. 
Have a great beautiful day šŸ’• 


Being a Mom

Being a mom is a 24/7 job that your pay comes in diapers. This job requires sacrifice, tears, training abilities, strength emotionally and physically. But most importantly it requires patience, unconditional love, and understanding. You must love your child 10x more then you love anyone else. This little person will rely on you for the rest of your life. They look up to you and unfortunately repeat the things you do. Being a parent is one of the MOST difficult jobs but it has it’s perks cause think about it all the hard work you put into your child one day you will see them take their first steps, talk for the first time, graduate, get there first job and grow up to be the person you raised them to be. And your bonus is to see that beautiful smile on there face. Me as a mom of a 5 month old when I see her smile it makes me feel so warm inside and makes me feel like I must be doing my job right. As a new parent you learn what upsets your kids and what makes them tick. And as much as you want them to be like you they never will they will develop their own way of thinking and they will be there own person. Always make them be a better version of you. No matter how hard it gets its all worth it! 


Hello lovelies

I felt the need to share with you what I have on my face today lol.

Face primer- smash box photo finish foundation primer

Foundation- Tarte Amazonian clay foundation a mixture of deep honey and tan honey

Face powder-Tarte Amazonian powder

Eyeliner- maybelline eyestudio blackest black

Mascara- make up for ever smoky extravagant

Blush- skinn pallette

Lipstick- Mac heroine

Setting spray- Coola makeup setting spray

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My first Birchbox

Hello Lovelies

So last night I finally received my first birchbox in the mail and I fell in love as soon as I opened the box. Don’t get me wrong because I love my ipsy monthly subscription but I really really loved my Birchbox this month. I love that it has a list in the box of the products and the full-size price of the product it helps out a lot so I’m not going crazy trying to find out what product I’m using. So in my box I received 5 products the first one I saw which I’m so excited to try out is the COOLA organic Makeup setting spray with an SPF of 30.Ā I have never tried a setting spray so I am excited to try it today when I’m doing my make-up, but on the product list it says its weightless, with a matte-finish that hydrates skin and blocks UV rays and the price for the full-size is $36. Personally I rather a matte-finish I rather not have any glossy finish cause I feel like it makes me look sweaty. But again that’s me personally. On to the next product I received a Dr. Jart+ BB cream, again never tried a BB cream and I’ve been wanting to try one because sometimes the foundation is a little too much for me. the color it a little light for my skin tone but it’s very light and it has anti aging benefits and a SPF 45+, and the full-size price is $39. Next I got a Harvey Prince fragrance called Hello. I love the way it smells its flowery and not strong at all which is perfect for me, the price on the full-size perfume is $55. Next I got a RUSK hair care Heatshift Re-styling Cream. I will also be trying this product out today so in a couple of days I will try and do a final review of all the products. It is supposed to be a Medium-hold, ultraflexible cream that lets you change your hairstyle without adding product, and the price of the full-size product is $18. Last but not least I received a stila look at me liquid lipstick in the color bella, the color is BEAUTIFUL!!!! It is a beautiful pink color and it smells really good too. It goes on so well and it lasts like a stain. So ladies i don’t think your guys would like if you kiss them with this on XD. for a set of 3 the price is $20. I will definitely continue subscribing.

Have a beautiful day


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Remodeling my room

hello lovelies,

It is a little difficult to go from having a big room to yourself to having a big room for you and your baby. My daughter in now 4 months almost 5 months and I was getting so sick to the limited space in the room and the lack of beauty. So I decided to paint my room and rearrange it. We got most of the room painted but we ran out of paint so we still need to do one more wall and a second coat on half of my room. So when my room is organized the way I want it and fully painted I’ll post pictures and video on my YouTube channel with the final results. But for now I willĀ just show you a sneak peek of what it was before and what the color is after. Also excuse the mess in the pictures we had to move my bed and my daughters crib to one side of the room while we painted.

The before color so happy I painted it pink

The before color so happy I painted it pink

The finish product of the color I chose for my walls

The finish product of the color I chose for my walls

Have a beautiful day

Ipsy bag July 2015

This months ipsy bag wasn’t bad I actually really liked it. I got a tarte Amazonian clay waterproof bronzer in the color park ave princess I like it but it’s too light for my skin tone maybe when I lighten out in the winter I can probably use it. Next thing I got was an eyeliner by eyetini in the color blue Hawaiian EL011 it’s a reay funky color but I would wear it for like a EDC concert it’s cute though. I also got a lipstick by bellĆ pierre cosmetics in the color P.I.N.K I love the color but not on my skin tone. I also got a jersey shore sun mongongo Chapstick it smells good it’s vanilla coconut cream. And last but not least I got a perfume by JOR’EL PARKER Classico it smells good but it’s a bit strong but I like it  


Baby’s make you stronger

Prior to having my daughter I couldn’t carry anything heavy because I’m like a toothpick and have no strength unless it was completely necessary. But now that my daughter is 4 months she is 16 lbs and she’s gets heavier everyday. Me personally why go to the gym when you can walk up and down your steps with your baby like 15 times and most likely will loose 2-5 lbs (not accurate).  

  My chunky baby 

Hello :)

Welcome to my blog page!! I’m super excited to share tips on how to be a new mom, and how to make sure you don’t lose who you are in the process, and how to keep yourself looking beautiful if your on 4 hours of sleep.