Fresh Start


When I originally started this blog my intentions were to give new moms tips and tricks of how to make yourself still feel beautiful no matter how dark the under eye circles are. I stopped writing because I myself didn’t know how to make myself feel beautiful or even have the time to post blogs. I love to write but my Full-time job, school, my toddler and my husband were consuming every bit of space I had. For the most part they still do… Except now my husband, daughter and I are now living in Florida talk about a change in scenery. I’m a stay at home mom now and pregnant with our second child and so ready to pop. I have realized in the last couple of months that I didn’t care about hearing how to make myself look better or how to hide 3 or 4 nights of no sleep. All I cared about was hearing other moms stories and making sure that my 2-year-old wasn’t just trying to kill me. So from now on I will be writing about my experiences of being a stay at home mom for the first time since my daughter was born, and how I’m able to make it through every day

So moms please comment and tell me how your pregnancies are going or if your toddlers are driving you insane. It helps to hear that I’m not the only one. I want to share my experiences as much as possible also.

Stay strong Mamas! We must stick together!!



Mom vs. Dad

Hello lovelies,

Its been a while since I’ve wrote anything but today I had a question to all my moms and dads but let me explain my story first. Through out the week I work and go to school full time so my daughter is with my husband most of the time. I’m with her all day Friday and she is completely different with me compared to how she acts with her dad. Through out the week my daughter takes multiple naps with my husband, listens to him, and behaves so well with him. But when she is with me just like she was today she doesn’t takes naps she wants to yell and scream and run around the house and doesn’t let me accomplish anything. But I left my daughter with my sister-in-law while I went to get my husband from work and my daughter knocked out. So as I’m writing this my daughter is knocked out on her bed and nothing is waking her up. And of course I’m exhausted but my husband has just as much energy as my princess. So my question to all the Moms and Dads, does your child ever behave better with Mom or do they behave better with Dad? Please share your stories to so that way I don’t feel like my daughter is trying to make my life even harder then it is.

Love my daughter but my energy is no where near hers.

Sincerely a mom not getting much sleep.

Being a Mom

Being a mom is a 24/7 job that your pay comes in diapers. This job requires sacrifice, tears, training abilities, strength emotionally and physically. But most importantly it requires patience, unconditional love, and understanding. You must love your child 10x more then you love anyone else. This little person will rely on you for the rest of your life. They look up to you and unfortunately repeat the things you do. Being a parent is one of the MOST difficult jobs but it has it’s perks cause think about it all the hard work you put into your child one day you will see them take their first steps, talk for the first time, graduate, get there first job and grow up to be the person you raised them to be. And your bonus is to see that beautiful smile on there face. Me as a mom of a 5 month old when I see her smile it makes me feel so warm inside and makes me feel like I must be doing my job right. As a new parent you learn what upsets your kids and what makes them tick. And as much as you want them to be like you they never will they will develop their own way of thinking and they will be there own person. Always make them be a better version of you. No matter how hard it gets its all worth it! 

Baby’s make you stronger

Prior to having my daughter I couldn’t carry anything heavy because I’m like a toothpick and have no strength unless it was completely necessary. But now that my daughter is 4 months she is 16 lbs and she’s gets heavier everyday. Me personally why go to the gym when you can walk up and down your steps with your baby like 15 times and most likely will loose 2-5 lbs (not accurate).  

  My chunky baby