Single Mom doesn’t mean…

Hey everyone!!

So sorry that it has been a while since my last post, but I didn’t want to write without inspiration or something I wasn’t truly passionate about. Anyways though so background story of why I am writing this. Since last night I’ve been seen a lot of friends making these post talking about hope and how there hope and faith has pushed them through and how they’re in a better circumstance then they were in the past. In the past year my hopes have changed a lot, Last year at this time I was hoping my soon to be ex-husband would change his mind and not want to leave. I hoped that my family wouldn’t break. Things didn’t go as I hoped for but my hopes changed as I changed. As the months have passed my priorities were no longer about trying to get my husband back or my “family” back together it was about providing a better life for my kids. So I posted a picture writing down my hopes of a new home and stable life for my kids. My 2nd sentence was I am a SINGLE MOM of 2… I continued to write everything down and post but I felt this pit in my stomach of the significance of SINGLE MOM. It’s actually a phrase that makes me cringe because there is so much stigma so much statistics so much judgment, and I’m not talking about the mom I am actually talking about the fathers. I know I know who wants to be thinking about the fathers as a single mother but in reality when you see the phrase SINGLE MOM you think that the father just dipped a lot of time when you tell people you’re a SINGLE MOM the first question usually asked is, “is the father involved?” I know I’m also guilty of doing this but I know my situation I am very grateful for the father of my kids, Him and I may not have the best relationship but he is responsible for his kids. He gives me money and takes his kids EVERY WEEKEND!!! Now I know a lot of fathers don’t do that but sometimes it can be what we do that causes them to back away. Some fathers run from their responsibilities and do nothing to contribute to their kids lives but others want to be involved and we have to let them. Like I said I don’t have a great relationship with my kid’s father but we fake it in front of our kids we don’t argue in front of them and we try to only speak about the kids to keep things peaceful. Even though we all know parenting is not easy especially when there are 2 different parents that were raised completely different. But, he wants to be in there lives he wants to be around them as much as he can and I cannot deny him of that because I am only hurting my babies, not just him. As a single mom, you don’t have to do everything give them responsibilities. Just because you have that title doesn’t mean that father can’t be involved or you have to do it alone. I know I’m not and I’m still struggling. It’s about the kids and your own sanity.

Love you all!!

Have a beautiful day!

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