Hello Everyone!!!

Do you ever feel like you love too much or too hard sometimes? I love hard and love everyone regardless of there faults and problems or even how messed up there past is. Because of that, it has also burned me quite a few times. Life is so confusing and conflicting, but it is also full of laughter and precious moments. Love is the greatest feeling even though you may get hurt in the end. It’s better to love than not to love and I know that is so cliche, but in reality, even though my marriage didn’t work out I appreciated feeling that type of connection with someone and it caused me to revise myself and set my expectations higher. To love but not hold the hurt or the pain to learn from my mistakes but not allow them to hold me back forever. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s important to love but also, even more important, to let go of the pain and hurt. I am learning to live for today and not stress too, much about next week.

Love you all!

I would love to hear your stories please comment below and share about how love burned but also helped you grow.


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