Running away

Hey everyone

Sometimes it just feels so much better to run away from everything but then I think in the back of my head what’s the point of constantly running? I have two beautiful kids and an amazing family that just wants me to be happy but some days it doesn’t feel like enough. Some days I want to drop everything and move to another state or country and just start fresh and be alone. Well I guess that’s the sucky part of having anxiety, your brain puts all of these thoughts in your head and makes you feel like you should just be in a box and that you don’t deserve to have all the good things in life. Everyday is hard to get through but my kids push me to the next day. I hate that my existence relies on them but they motivate me to keep pushing. Being a mom has so many rewarding moments but it is one of the hardest, least paying, smelliest job to ever have. I think it’s time that I find my place in the world so I can be genuinely happy for myself and not rely on my kids for happiness. Kids do bring a spark of joy to your life but they shouldn’t be the only source of happiness in your life.

Love to all my readers!

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