More Kids?

Hello everyone!!

Last night I had a dream that I had my third child with my soon to be ex-husband, and in the dream, I was fully aware that we weren’t together but for some odd reason, we collectively decided to have another kid. When I woke up this morning I thought to myself, why would I even want to put another kid in a family where their parents are not together, but I also looked at my kids and they are both super cute kids and very smart for their ages. I don’t know guys, honestly, I think it would be an insane idea I rather not have any more kids, to be honest then possibly have another messed up situation. Having one baby father is more than enough and like I’ve stated before its amazing that he is involved in their lives, so sometimes when I think about whether I want to have more kids I just can’t help but think I might not be as lucky with the second one. So many thoughts in my head and this post may make no sense but I’m just wondering if anyone else has thought the way I’m thinking because I’m starting to believe sometimes I am always having these crazy thoughts.

Love you all!

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