Hello Everyone,

Sometimes as a woman or even as a man after so many failed relationships whether they are intimate or they are friendships or family members you start to question the things about yourself. You start to ask yourself if you’re enough. In my marriage my husband from the beginning of us dating he would look for attention from other women not always sexually but throughout the 4 years we were together I would constantly question myself and beat myself up feeling like I wasn’t enough. Today, as a year has gone by that my marriage fell apart; I began to question myself once again, “AM I ENOUGH?” It is such a deep question and one that I may never get answered but all I continue to repeat to myself as my heart throbs in remembering all those dark moments that, “I AM ENOUGH! I AM MORE THAN ENOUGH!” This past year has been so difficult and has hurt so much and I don’t know if the pain will subside anytime soon but I do know that not everyone is perfect and I am a person that embraces every imperfection, every flaw, every scar. I choose not to hide my mistakes or hide the things I do because they only make me human. I know I may not be enough for any human on this earth since unfortunately we are never satisfied but I do know that I was made perfect in God’s own image and that to him I am more than enough and that is all that matters to me. Now I may not have these same thoughts in a couple of days when I am having a bad day but I do know that I want to constantly remind myself that I am me and there is no one else in this world that can be me. I am unique!

May everyone have a blessed day. Love each other

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