Moms are not allowed!!

Hello everyone!

As a mom I feel sometimes I’m not allowed to feel more then just a mom or I am not able to be more then that. That I’m not allowed to. Over these last few months my main priority is being a mom which is honestly fine by me but I have little to no time to focus on myself, to sleep, to breathe, to hear my own thoughts. As time has passed my depression has gotten worse my anxiety has become an everyday thing. God forbid something goes wrong in my day I immediately breakdown. Mental health is so important but I don’t have many people that I can talk about it with or many people that will understand what I feel in my everyday life. I’m here to say moms we are more then just moms or wives we need to focus on ourself and worry about our health. Our life is just as important. If your not okay your kids won’t be okay and you won’t have nothing to give to your kids. So take a day to yourself and breathe or do something that relaxes you and that makes you happy!

I am grateful for my readers if anyone else feels the same way even if your not a mother please comment down below. You never know if the way your coping could help someone else with there mental battles.

Be blessed and have a beautiful day!

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