Story time: It’s my daughters birthday!!

Hello everyone

So were back with story time! 5 years ago I was so confused with my life I was a senior partying every weekend working a full-time job just lost in everyday life. Not knowing how depressed I really was everyone was getting their acceptance letters from college and I still hadn’t decided whether I wanted to go to college or not. So over spring break my best friend convinced me to just apply to college so I did and I was able to get in last-minute. I started a summer college program the day after graduation where I met my kids father. A week after I started the program I had received the worst news, My step mother that raised me with my mom had passed away in a deadly car accident and i just fell harder into this depression. A month and a half later I found out I was pregnant with my first child and was so scared. The only thing I knew at that moment was that I wouldn’t get an abortion.  A lot of people in our lives said the next best option was to give her up for adoption and I wasn’t capable of doing that either. I knew I can work hard to provide for my daughter and nothing was going to stop me. From the minute I heard her heartbeat I knew I had to fight to keep going no matter what has been thrown my way she has always pushed me to be a better person. My princess was born at 33 weeks and she had to stay in NICU for a week and that was the hardest part for me looking at her and not being able to hold her in my arms after holding her in my belly for 33 weeks. 4 years later today is her 4th birthday and she is so smart, brave, a leader, strong, beautiful, sassy, bossy but overall my inspiration to always do better and be better! Babies come into this world for a reason even if we may not see it. My baby came into this world for the perfect reason during the perfect season.

Have a great day everyone just remember that sometimes the bad times make you stronger and bring you so much more joy.

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