When does sharing become to much?

Hello everyone!!!

So I was talking to a friend and we were talking about sharing things about relationships and about ourselves. The thing is I am a very transparent person so their is times that people might feel like I share to much but I feel my transparency has helped others and if I wasn’t transparent I would have a blog to share the things I feel with others. Now, I do know that when it comes to a being in a relationship or sleeping with someone those intimate details shouldn’t be shared with others. I also know that there has been times where I had to share details with a best friend to see if somethings were normal or if anyone else has experienced what I’ve went through. When in the bedroom its a whole another world and theres safe words and new experiences and I personally find it is okay to share those things with a close friend but thats my personal preferences so my question to you guys where do you draw the line when it comes to sharing? What are you’re boundries?


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