Hello everyone!

Honestly todays post is really about nothing special except for me wanting to say that I am always going to be 100% honest in everything I write about. I am someone who I have tried to pushed down what I’ve felt and things I have experienced to convenience others in my life and all its done is cause me to be a person I truly didn’t recognize. On this journey I’ve been on the last couple of months I had to review my self and my past actions and just begin to accept and love every piece of it. I had to admit things to myself that I have never said before. Its funny cause all I do is say things out loud now or write them down just to get my thoughts out and figure out what is positive for my life and what is lie and things I don’t need to be thinking about, whether it’s about myself or my current situation. But my walk has never been easy and im never saying ive gone through the worst cause I know people who have gone through way worse than me. In these last few months I’ve began to break down the emotional and verbal abuse that I have endured for so many years. The memories I wanted to forget are the ones I remember so clearly, and forgiving myself and others for everything that has happened. When I write my post I don’t ever review it to make sure it is, “socially acceptable.” I always make sure it is genuine unchanged and the exactly what is on my mind. Writing for me has always been something difficult for me because I am NOT creative in any sense of the form! I can only write if I can relate to the situation or speak on experience. Now that I think about it that’s why I can never come up with an interesting bed time story for my kids. But I want my readers to know whether its 2 or 3 people who actually read my post, I am always going to be transparent I am always going to write what I have circling in my head and if I have nothing going on in my life I’ll write a ramble post like this. I love what I do on here even if I don’t get anything in return because all I want to do is make other people aware that you’re not alone at all. I am weird and crazy and sometimes I just talk way to much.

Love you all!

Have a blessed day!

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