The process!

Hello everyone

I think everyone at this point in life or in this time in society realizes how important it is to love yourself! But it’s not easy a lot of us wasn’t raised with our parents telling us we’re good at everything or we are beautiful just the way we are. A lot of us were bullied in school or was never good enough in there parents eyes. Every culture is different and in the Hispanic culture if you’re to skinny it’s not good if you’re to thick it’s not good, if you’re hair is different from others or not the way your family likes it, it’s ugly. Or my favorite if you have tattoos you’re ugly, weird, and don’t forget going to hell. Unfortunately these are just examples of why Self love is so hard. If you’re looking to love yourself more you have to be willing to let everything go and forgive everyone that spoke against you and begin to retrain your mind to truly believe that you’re perfect the way you are. In all honesty I’m probably 100 lbs soaking wet and I’ve always hated it, it’s also the reason why I loved being pregnant. I would get to that perfect thickness and even tho it wasn’t always in the places I wanted it to go I was just so happy I was thick! Now you might be reading this and thinking to yourself what are you complaining about your skinny but in reality because I’m so skinny I’ve always been teased about it. But over the last couple of months I’ve worked hard to remove all those negative things I thought of myself and start to love my body the way it is each day at a time. Loving yourself takes a lot of breaking down and building back up. Imagine you have to forget about everything you’ve been told since you were a little kid and speak kind words, speak life, speak love! It’s all a process and it’s not an easy one or a short one. So I encouraged anyone reading this post look at yourself in the mirror every morning and instead of pointing out what you don’t like point out something that you love, just one thing a day. Forgive yourself if you’ve ever disappointed yourself and forgive those that haven’t always made you feel the best. You’re not alone and you probably never will be when it comes to healing!

Love you all!

3 thoughts on “The process!”

  1. Being raised in Hispanic family definitely caused some of the same problems growing up for me. Always being judged for appearances and choices you make. It can definitely take a toll on you. Love this post! Keep it up.
    Natasha Lucia 💜


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