Wine time! What is Sex for you?

Hello Everyone 🙂

So todays post is going to be a little different then usual. I have a glass of wine in my hand and lots of questions. I’m always wondering if I am the only one that thinks the way I do sometimes and that’s why I like to go out and write about it and see if anyone is thinking about what I’m writing. So the other day I was wondering to myself if anyone has sex because its fun or because they find comfort and intimacy from it? Throughout the years I always used sex as a way to determine how I really felt about the person. Sometimes it was for fun but a lot of time it was just to see if I actually liked the guy or liked the fun flirting. Most times I liked the guy but other times it was just for fun. Then I started to look at today’s world and it seems like sex is used to occupy free time and fill a lonely place in your life. Or just to have fun, I MEAN COME ON! There is an app where you can swipe left or right on potential sex partners. The internet has made it so easy for us to scratch the itch but sometimes that itch becomes real! So typically what I have done in my past is sleep with guys ive slept with before bc I know what to expect and it takes the work out of trying and getting to know the person. Did I mention I’m drinking wine while writing this so my filter has been removed. But please let me know I’m not alone in this world on this subject!

Comment down below on what is sex for you! Intimate or FUN. It’s been both for me.

Thank you for reading I really appreciate all the people who read my post and follow me and I promise not every post will be about being a mom but it will be about real life issues and how it is to find yourself again after having kids.

If you want me to write about anything specific let me know also down below..

Have a great night lovelies

2 thoughts on “Wine time! What is Sex for you?”

  1. Loool I love the honesty!
    I like the flirting and when there’s a sexual tension which leads to sex, then its fun. You can be freaky and afterwards rest.
    To me, sex is fun whether you like the person or not (but if your partner is very self conscious or shy or inexperienced then it might not be). If you have feelings for your sexual partner then it’s a bonus..
    But my view on this is subject to change as time goes by.. to be honest.


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