Don’t Involve your Children

Hello everyone!

So this week I had to explain to my dad that I can’t be in the middle of him and my mother anymore. My parents have been separated since I was 7 and I am now 22 and unfortunately my parents disliked each other so much after they seperated that my brother and I were always involved and put in the middle. So as I am in the middle of a separation with my own husband we have 2 kids of our own and I remember all the pain I experienced in the middle of it. My daughter is 3 almost 4 and understands a lot and my son is 1 turning 2 so to him its normal at this point. As another argument was unraveling between my parents this week i had to stop them and state that I couldn’t do this anymore that i have my own stress and my own kids. As I look to my daughter I made a promise to her that I would make sure that she wouldn’t have to go through what i went through. Parents I urge you protect your children and if you’re in the middle of a seperation don’t argue with your spouse in front of your kids. Dont make the kids messengers for you and also NEVER SPEAK BAD ABOUT YOUR SPOUSE to your kids. No matter what happened between you guys it’s not their business to know. One day when they are old enough you can explain to them what happened but as children you dont want to have your child hating you or your spouse. Feed your kids positive words, respect, and love. When it comes to your kids be on a united front and show them no matter what because of them you guys will always be there for them and love them.


Love you all


2 thoughts on “Don’t Involve your Children”

  1. I agree! Never speak bad about your spouse to your children! Children are innocent and don’t know what to believe and I strongly believe it can have an impact later on in life.

    A good read! And something worth taking when I plan to having children in the future.


    1. I learned that anything that you felt your parents did horrible at when you were a kid and did damage to you. Be conscious to do the opposite and in not a judgemental way but in a loving way


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