Do we get enough credit?

Hello everyone,

It’s only tuesday and I have a serious question, why do we not get enough credit? Single Moms have to do everything we have to cater to our kids every cry. Now not to complain because I am very grateful for my kids but when they go with their dad it does make a lot of things difficult for me and every week starting sunday nights I have to start the process of consoling and telling them everything is going to be okay. Being a mom is hard especially when you see your kids hurting. And we can’t hurt in front of them we have to be strong for our babies and then no one checks on us because we play this amazing poker face. We start to believe our lies that we tell others to prevent from answering questions. But, the real issue is that were still not viewed as good enough were still told that we aren’t doing everything in our power for our kids. You don’t work? Well you’re not doing enough even though you make sure your kids are safe. Oh, you work? Well you’re neglecting your children from being raised properly. Mothers have one day to be appreciated a year, but in reality we should be appreciated everyday. We sacrifice, we give, we love, we will go hungry before our children do but no one sees that they only see the wrong things we are doing.

I’m done ranting but Moms you’re doing your best and just keep pushing. The best gratitude is seeing your kids smile or when they give you a hug and they day you see them graduate. You did that! keep praying for your babies and never forget about your happiness and wellbeing. If you’re not great then you can’t push them to be great.

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