34 Weeks and Going Crazy

Hello Lovelies

This week I have made it to 34 weeks of this long pregnancy. I have passed my breaking point of being pregnant. Like I said in my previous blog post I was 33 weeks pregnant when I had my daughter so this week being 34 weeks pregnant I feel anxious! Don’t even get me started on the nesting phase. I am constantly looking online seeing if I have everything I need for my baby boy, but I can’t shake this feeling like I’m missing so many things. No matter how many times I go through checklist I still don’t feel prepared. You would think it being my second pregnancy I would see this as a walk in the park, but NOPE that is not the case in this situation. Trying to get through the next 6 weeks, actually hopefully this week or next week I’m going to be doing a couple of DIYs and I will post my step by step how to for any moms looking to do it too.

If any other soon to be moms are feeling how I am please feel free to comment below and lets get through this together!

Bye beautiful


3 thoughts on “34 Weeks and Going Crazy

  1. Emma Slocum says:

    I recently developed round ligament pain (ouch!!) and have been so bored since it not supposed to get off of the couch pretty much lol. Can’t wait to give birth!!


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