Mac lipstick – Stone 

Hello lovelies 

I know it’s been a while but I had to show you guys this lipstick that I bought. I haven’t bought a High end lipstick in a long time so I decided to treat my self and buy a Mac lipstick and I love this color it’s like a brown grey color and its name basically gives you a sense of the color. It’s called Stone it’s a matte finish. If you haven’t tried Mac lipsticks I love the formula of them cause they don’t feel dry on your lips. If your looking for a nice fall color I highly suggest this color.

Have a beautiful day 

Xoxo 💕 



8 thoughts on “Mac lipstick – Stone 

  1. xxtokyoxx says:

    Wow how prettyy 🙂 Have you tried other Mac products, like their foundations and such? Are they good? I’ve never used much high end stuff, but always wanted to try ^^


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